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2016.08.31 up


TMSO and Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) exchange players for the 2016 Musician Exchange Programme

TMSO is pleased to announce that Mr. Yeo Teow Meng, violinist of Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), will be joining the TMSO for two Subscription Concerts in Tokyo during the period of Sep.11-22.

In 2009, TMSO and SSO initiated the Musician Exchange Programme to enhance the cultural communication and mutual understanding between two nations by exchanging players to participate in rehearsals, concerts and various other events of the counterpart-orchestra for the scheduled two weeks.

This past April, TMSO has sent out its violist Mr.HAYASHI to SSO in Singapore.

Yeo Teow Meng, Violin

Yeo Teow Meng

Stay in Tokyo for September 11-22

Born in Singapore, Yeo Teow Meng commenced studies on the violin at the age of eight. Awarded a scholarship by the Public Service Commission (Singapore) in 1982, he furthered his studies with Lyndall Hendrickson and Gunnar Crantz in Adelaide at the South Australian College of Advanced Education. Upon graduation he worked with the State Opera of South Australia as well as various chambers groups and has been with the SSO since 1986. An avid photographer, he indulges in photography and also enjoys reading in his leisure.

Thu. 15. September 2016, 19:00
 Subscription Concert No.814 A Series

Tue. 20. September 2016, 19:00
 Subscription Concert No.815 B Series