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Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

Since the establishment by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 1965 as a part of a cultural promotion project to mark the Tokyo Olympic Games, TMSO has grown to become one of Japan's foremost professional orchestras under the Music Directors such as T.Mori, A.Watanabe, H.Wakasugi, and G.Bertini. Currently Kazushi Ono serves as Music Director, Kazuhiro Koizumi as Honorary Conductor for Life, Alan Gilbert as Principal Guest Conductor and Eliahu Inbal as Conductor Laureate. In addition to a variety of subscription concerts and special concerts, TMSO is also actively engaged in efforts to support Tokyo residents, such as giving school concerts (about 60 annually), concerts for physically challenged persons, and visiting institutions and islands as well as being involved in outreach activities. TMSO has received much international acclaim as the “Music Ambassador of Capital Tokyo” through overseas performances including Europe, North America and Asia. In November 2015, TMSO brought a tour in Europe under the baton of Kazushi Ono and was highly acclaimed. Awards: the Kyoto Music Award (1991), the Japan’s 50th Record Academy Award for Best Symphony Album (E.Inbal/ Shostakovich: Symphony No.4, 2012), and the Japan’s 53rd Record Academy Award for Special Award (E.Inbal+TMSO/ Neuer Mahler-Zyklus 2012-2013).

(As of April 2018)

Main conductors of TMSO

Heinz HOFMANN Permanent Conductor 1965.4-67.3
OMACHI Yoichiro Associate Conductor 1965.4-67.3
MORI Tadashi Music Director & Permanent Conductor 1967.4-72.3
WATANABE Akeo Music Director & Permanent Conductor 1972.4-78.3
Honorary Conductor 1978.12-1990.6
Moshe ATZMON Music Adviser & Principal Conductor 1978.4-83.3
KOBAYASHI Ken-ichiro Resident Conductor 1978.4-83.3
Zdĕnek KOŠLER Principal Guest Conductor 1978.4-83.3 / Regular Guest Conductor 1983.4-86.3
Peter MAAG Regular Guest Conductor 1983.4-86.3
Jean FOURNET Regular Guest Conductor 1983.4-86.3 / Honorary Conductor 1989.12-2008.10
Permanent Honorary Conductor 2008.11-
WAKASUGI Hiroshi Music Director 1986.4-95.3 / Principal Conductor 1987.4-95.3
KOIZUMI Kazuhiro Conductor 1986.4-90.3 / Principal Conductor 1995.4-98.3
Principal Guest Conductor 1998.4-2008.3 / Resident Conductor 2008.4-2014.3 / Honorary Conductor for Life 2014.4-
ONO Kazushi Conductor 1990.4-92.3 / Music Director 2015.4-
Eliahu INBAL Special Guest Conductor 1995.4-2000.3 /
Principal Conductor 2008.4-2014.3 / Conductor Laureate 2014.4-
Gary BERTINI Music Director 1998.4-2005.3 / Conductor Laureate 2005.4-
James DePREIST Permanent Conductor 2005.4-2008.3
Jakub HRŮŠA Principal Guest Conductor 2010.4-2018.3
Alan GILBERT Principal Guest Conductor 2018.4-

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