TMSO Subscribers can…

  • Keep the same seat throughout the season.
  • Extend their membership for another season on a priority basis.
  • Secure tickets prior to the public sale of single tickets.

TMSO Membership System

You can become a TMSO Member by purchasing sequential tickets for any one of the four series of TMSO concerts (Subscription Concert A Series, Subscription Concert B Series, Subscription Concert C Series and Promenade Concert Series.

Subscription Series

Subscriber Benefits

  • Exchange Service

    If you are unable to attend a concert in your subscription, you may exchange your ticket for a concert in another series.

  • Advance Ticket Sales

    Subscribers are entitled to purchase single and membership tickets prior to public sale. (Advance tickets can also be purchased for some TMSO-sponsored concert performances.)

  • Subscriber Discounts

    10% off the list price of single tickets for all TMSO-sponsored concerts. (Not applicable to seats Ex and P.)

  • Keep the same seat throughout the season

    You can renew the same seat for the next season.